Guilford    Guilford
   'Bitza Style Layout' - take various LDE and put them together
   Post 80's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

I think it was the contrast between the 'alnost' blach charcoal of the loco body and the 'alnost' red of the stripe that did it. Plus they had a wide range of loco types and most had a colourful history!

B&M, MEC, D&H...All mixed together on the one railroad.

Then there is MBTA, AMTRAK, P&W plus some preserved stuff in the mix as well.

This all started out in the roofspace of my house - but became too heavy! Then it became a series of LDE's that can be joined together modular style if I ever have the space available to do it.

What next? I've just started to bring the freightcar stock up to the standard I am happy with, but have become sidetracked with P87 - so the detailing is on hold whilst I make some serious decisions!

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