Missouri Pacific with a part of the made up Emma Pacific    Missouri Pacific with a part of the made up Emma Pacific
   mid 70's to 90s


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My father grew up living on Mopac Property in Brownsville TX and they paid rent to the RR. When  I came along I was properly educated that the Mopac was nothing short of God's gift to Railroading.  So the "Route of the Eagle" was my natural favorite.  I got it right when real life got it wrong!  In my world the Mopac took over the UP, with UP's name being added to the list of fallen flags.  The merger frenzy stopped there, in my world. 

Years later when I was dating Commander and Chief, she once told me she would need to changer her last name to Pacific to get me to recongnize her.  From that joke over 16 plus years came a RR map with some 3000 miles of routes in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Colorado.  There is now a history of the Emma Pacific, with divisions and sub-divisions.  To make the name a little more believable EMMA is an acronym of communities along the original route from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. 

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