L&N , Southern , Port Destiny Terminal    L&N , Southern , Port Destiny Terminal
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The Port Destiny Terminal was built by the US Navy , to serve as a back up port during WWII .Port Destiny before WWII was a sleepy little fishing Port with no rail service , it was chosen because it has a deep inlet that is protected by barrier Islands.

Operation of the yard was given to both the L&N , and the Southern Rwy , It is served by thr L &N from the North Florida Main line , the Southern gets there by trackage rights over the L& N . Two years after WWII , the Navy planned to abandon the Railroad , but after a public outcry the Railroads owner ship was given to the L&N and the Southern rwy. By the 1970's the port's business is still going strong but the area is changing and tourist and shops are coming in where many of the warehouses once were . The L&N is the main player now since it is off their mainline and most of the cars come to the port  through the interchage , the L&N as well as the Southern rwy sends locomotives down to help out the switching and track maintence , but the Southern seldom uses their trackage rights anymore .

The Port sees Bananas and other Freight from South America , as imports , Coal is shipped out on coastal barges , oil drilling supplies are brought in by rail and shipped to oil platforms . There is a transfer pier for geneal freight , as well a large produce warehouse , and a peanut warehouse and packaging plant  . There is also a shrimp packing house .

The Us Millitary still uses the port ship equipment to Porta Rico and Cuba .

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