Mix...BNSF, CSX/C&O, Michigan Northern    Mix...BNSF, CSX/C&O, Michigan Northern
   Grand Rapids Michigan
   1950s 1960s


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

JoPe Rail began as a layout in my parents basement back in the late 1980's/early 1990's. I am interested in potentially re-creating a small chunk of the Wyoming Yard near Grand Rapids, Michigan...due to it's size and also discussing this idea with fellow modelers I probably will model only certain areas and/or buildings of the vast old Pere Marquette/C&O yard. They have a fairly large engine house/maintenance shop and yard there that could be fun (and challenging) to build. I also plan on modeling some areas of my old neighborhood on the west side of Grand Rapids, creating my own town though with distinct buildings/streets/etc I recall from my childhood (I grew up in the 70's and 80's...before they started tearing all those neat old 50's and 60's down to make way for new buildings and land space). I guess you could say I am doing a freelance layout with some prototypical items thrown in. I am interested in running C&O equipment now as of 3/2009.

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