Denver, Durango & Silverton Railroad    Denver, Durango & Silverton Railroad
   Southwestern Colorado


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The Denver, Durango and Silverton Railroad is an On30 narrow gauge line running between the three cities named, two of which, Durango and Silverton are modeled on the layout, as well as the Animas River Canyon connecting the two.  Denver is a hidden return yard accessible via a helix.  The history of this free-lanced road is similar to the history of the D&RGW narrow gauge in southern Colorado, with the exception that my road did not fall into dis-use and abandonment with the crash of 1893, and subsequent economic travails of the early 20th Century.

I am in the process of starting construction on this project, and I anticipate it will take a number of years to near completion.  You can follow the progress of my efforts at:


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