Ann Arbor, Great Lakes Central, D&M, GBW, C&O, Sweet Line    Ann Arbor, Great Lakes Central, D&M, GBW, C&O, Sweet Line
   Ashley Branch
   1950 to present


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

The Gratiot Terminal Railway operates in Carson City. It switches all inbound cars and set up outbound cars for the AA, CM, SL. All deliveries are brought to the GT RY. Like the old D&M had casr delivered to them.  I have 9 industries on line. All located in East Carson & West Carson. With Butternut on the SL. Which is a stage yard. I have a Fricke's Warehouse, Farmers Co-Op Grain Elevator (4 cars), Break Lumber Reload Center (6cars), Carson Scarp dealer (4 cars), Sun LPG Dealer (1 Car ), Crop Input Service (1 car ), Liquid Terminal (3 cars ), Walt's Tool and Die (2 Cars ) Dean's Loging Company (2 cars ), Carson Stone & Sand Company (6 cars). The GT handles a few customers in Butternut. Which is an stage yard of three tracks. 1 Main and 2 side tracks which hold 6 cars each.  I Also have a Stage Yard for the Interchange. It has 3 tracks. A Main, plus 2 sidings. These hold 10 cars each.

This layout is an L shape. 10x7. with an connecting track to allow running of laps. But is a point to point system. A Branch line.

Power at this time a leased MP15DC, 2 CM U23B, 2 AA GP35's, GT GE 44 ton for the Scarp Yard, And a GT GE 70 tonner. I use a Car Card with a waybill. I have around 50 cars. 6 Cab's 1 Troop Car use for tourist.  This system seem to work well. If and when I move to a bigger place then I will build more towns.  

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