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RR Xing

The Eastport Railroad is a freelanced version of the Maine Central and Boston and Maine.  The era is 1939 in the City of Eastport, Maine.  My influences in model railroading are John Allen, George Sellios, John Elwood, and Bill Henderson.  My layout is in a 10' x 19' space and depicts the small port and surrounding industries of Eastport.  The layout is in a U-shape and strictly point-to-point.  No diesels roam in my small empire:  steam only!  This is my 5th layout since 1991 with each plan getting a little better.  I have 20 years of railroad experience (locomotive engineer) to draw from and 30 years as a modeler.  The Eastport Railroad is for the enjoyment of anyone who wants to have a taste of railroading in it's golden age.  I like to have fun and don't get too uptight if mistakes are made.  Model railroading is supposed to be fun and I like to convey that to my operators.   

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