St. Louis - San Fransico Railroad    St. Louis - San Fransico Railroad
   Northwest Arkansas & Southwest Missouri
   1945 - 1955


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

Welcome to my Fort Smith Subdivision of the Frisco at the end of the steam era (1945 - 1955) in N scale. While the real Frisco had this subdivision completely switched to diesel power by the end of 1951, I'm allowing for a little 'play' in that timeline. The majority of my motive power is diesel, but an occasional Consolidation or Light Mikado will be seen hauling freight through the Ozark mountain scenery.  

 The towns and some of the features on the layout are the yard and some industry at Fort Smith. I also am modeling a scaled-down version of the Arkansas River Bridge and Van Buren. The layout meanders through some Ozark mountain scenery, through the Winslow Tunnel and the sleepy town of Winslow, AR. Around the curve we come into Fayetteville and several industries to switch. Another sweeping curve and we rumble through Seligman and reach the yard at Monett, MO.

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