Canadian National    Canadian National
   1939 - 1945


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

Around the basement shelf-layout with peninsula (peninsula to be added at a later date). Ultimately, it is a dog-bone with a loop around at one end (double main line) and a loop-back at the other. It represents various locations across Canada, with emphasis on: Sherman tank production  facility in Montreal (Montreal Locomotive Works) and Halifax Harbour (Pier 21) and a Fort/Park Merchant Ship. Passenger train(s) will represent troop movement to and from the harbour.

Part of the layout's purpose is a memorial to my Grandparents (Grandfather was a bombadier in a Short Sunderland, Grandmother was a warbride to Canada from England).

Current Status (July 9, 2012): The main line is done. A full sized (not selectively compressed - so it's five feet long!) mock-up of a Park ship has been added (although it is an image of a Liberty ship at the moment). The Halifax harbour track layout has been completed and is awaiting power feeds and "sticking down."

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