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RR Xing

Featured Prototype Scene for June

Woodale Rock Cut

Woodale Rock Cut

The Woodale Rock Cut is the largest of several rock cuts along the Landenberg Branch.  It's construction burned up much of the lines original owners financial resources, limiting the lenghth of the line to Landenberg.  Two wooden trestles (since replaced by steel) stood on either side of the cut carrying the rails across red clay creek.  The above picture is from #98's 100th birthday celebration.

Section 1 Scenery Progress

The foreground scenery of the yorklyn water stop section is almost complete, besides trees.  But I went on another research trip to the site and found some major flaws in my terrain, so this section may be in for a rework soon.

Section 1 view

Also, there is talk of giving the layout a permanent home in the garage.  With over 20+ linear feet to work with something bigger may be in store for the layout, possibly Woodale?  Well off to get planning on the new layout!

Be sure to check back often for further updates!

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