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RR Xing

This is a fictional European single-level shelf layout designed to utilize a long (11m) and thin (35cm) section of an elevated walkway within a private residence. The layout comprises two freight yards, one at 'Zutphen' on the left and one at 'Winterswijk' on the right, connected by a single-track dieselized main line that extends for a short distance beyond the towns itself. A lift bridge carries the main line across a river, and the line crosses an important road by means of a level crossing.

'Zutphen' features a brewery, two warehouses and a chemical facility, with an overnight storage track for a DMU, while an intermodal depot, a team track for the loading of coal, and a RIP track are located in 'Winterswijk'. A locomotive servicing facility, incorporating a diesel tank farm, is located at 'Ruurlo' approximately halfway between 'Zutphen' and 'Winterswijk'. Cargo carried along the line includes beer, grain, automotive parts, fruit, chemicals, diesel fuel, timber, vehicles, containers and coal. Small passenger stations with one platform each are located along the main line in 'Zutphen' and 'Ruurlo', while the 'Winterswijk' Station comprises one terminal platform for TEE services and one through platform suitable for use by a DMU.

The first phase of the line currently stretches from 'Winterswijk' to 'Ruurlo', with the locomotive depot at 'Ruurlo' capable of handling one locomotive at present.

Freight traffic along the line is handled by one NS Class 6400 diesel-electric locomotive in NS-colors, stabled at the depot in 'Ruurlo', while twice-daily TEE services to Amsterdam via  'Zutphen' departs from the terminal platform in 'Winterswijk' utilizing a NS Class RAm 1003 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU).

Future plans include the implementation of a regular passenger service between 'Winterswijk' and 'Zutphen' via 'Ruurlo' probably utilizing a Class 648 LINT 41 H DMU, while the planned purchase of a Class BR232 'Ludmilla' diesel-electric locomotive will augment the freight locomotive fleet.

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