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.The Lake Arthur Resort Railway is a pet Railway of a prodigious young son of the CEO of an even larger protolance railroad called Carneige Lines which is mainly controlled by the merchant oligarchy of Pittsburgh, PA and is allied with the B&O, NYC, DL&W, D&H, ERIE, NKP, DT&I, WM, and the C&O.

The pet railway serves a resort town from the Pittsburgh B&O terminal with little wayside river towns along the way. The Flag ship train is the LADY of the LAKE LIMITED , a daily crack special  that run between the resort and downtown Pittsburgh.

Besides ther flagship train there is also a local morning and evening passenger rail car service and early morning and afternoon freights, the home city for the railroad is Ellewood City, PA were all the railfacilites along with its only major yard is located. Switching jobs radiate from this city to the City industrial district, Elleporte industries, Wurtemburgh suburb, and Rock Pt. Jct. interchange.

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