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 Construction of the Fernley & Lassen Branch of the SP was started in the early 1900s, with the intention by SP of the branch becoming part of an "SP Hi Line". As construction reached the lumber milling town of Westwood, CA, the Faderal Government stepped in with a large monkey wrench, tying up the SP's plans for twenty-odd years.

When all the legal action was resolved and the SP was free to resume construction, they were several days late, if not a dollar short - the WP had already built through Westwood on their way north - on the Hi Line.

But, all was not lost. The SP had negotiated a very lucrative transportation agreement with the Red River Lumber Company. The TRRLC operated its own rather distinctive logging railroad for many years, and was one of the few railroads to include the "T" of "The" in their reporting marks. The result of the agreement was that one year's lumber production from the Red River mill in Westwood, if assembled into a single train, could have extended from Westwood, CA to Salt Lake City, UT.

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