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RR Xing


Currently under Construction, this is approx. 1000 Sq ft, in Phase One. There is room to expand to double this size. That will be in Phase Two, at some time in the future, as more members are added.

We are currently an HO layout, with planned computer control,  and are mainly interested in an Operational Railroad, as opposed to watching trains run in an oval. Tere will be train setup's Service to the various Industries, such as Hills Coffee Packers, and "The Splinter Lumbermill" , maker of the finest splinters this side of Europe. We'll interchange with the Invisible Car Railroad, and accept cars at our Float dock, for a trip Across the Bay, to Anothertown, USA. Hopefully, we will grow into the areas largest railroad company, by offering timely shipments, on time service, and prompt collection of shipping fees.

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