Conrail    Conrail
   Great Lakes Region
   1968 - 1988


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

The Great Lakes & Western Railroad was founded and registered with the NMRA in 1985 by Dave & Jeremy Berner of Long Island.  In its third location, the model N Scale railroad is in what was my 10' x 20' garage.  It is a shelf design with 5 passenger stations and 12 industrial sidings.  This DC layout is still being built.  Currently, the locomotive roster consists of 38 diesel and 1 steam along with a rolling stock roster of 414 freight and 30 passenger cars.  It is powered by 2 MRC Control Master 20 units.  The height of the benchwork is 54" having no legs with the exception of the yard area which extends 30" out from the wall.  To eliminate the flat look, rivers, gorges, a seaport, mountain scenery, cities and mirrors are used.  All trackwork is Atlas Code 80 with #4 turnouts being used for the industrial sidings and yard while #6 turnouts are used for the mainlines.  Two mainlines with sidings are part of the overall design.  More to follow as the layout progresses. 

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