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RR Xing

2 track mainline branching off to a shortline into the hills and valleys around between Hagerstown, Md & Pa. Border where the 2 RR's serve commercial and passengers  Layout is set up in shape of a W (the W is more Square) with 2 Dogbones.  1 Dogbone on the lower level / is the mainline which follows the outline of the W (excluding the middle leg). The right and left legs of the W are 12' long and 4' wide. The bottom of the W is about 16' long connecting the 2 legs. Middle leg of W is town of Bedford with a trolly system - no part of the RR exists on this leg. There is a branch/ mainline which rises from the bottom line with a 2% rise (maximum). Each leg has a populated area. which the RR goes thru and also consists of a dogbone type design following the W. The upper and lower dogbones are in the approximate same shape and is a round & round type (and not point to point) as I like trains ro run. The upper level Dogbone is a single track with passing tracks

Since the railroad is about 40' long  (12'+16+12) with no more than a 2% grade to a 4" incline difference  and the Radius is 23" (I use - almost- the full 4' width) I am able to run freight trains which are 10 cars long + engine. My passenger trains are 5 cars long + engine.

Both of my Passenger trains were originally  Mantua/ Tyco purchased in middle 1960's. They had been repowered with Athearn motors & Frames which perform incredibly ( i use the M/T engine shells)  The steam engines are using the original  M/T open frame motors and run well.

I have been working on it for about a year and still have a few years to go

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