Louisville and Nashville Railroad    Louisville and Nashville Railroad
   Knoxville Tn
   Late 1970's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing


The Casey Sub-Division is a fictitious Sub-Division of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, based upon a section of the Louisville & Nashville RR's  Knoxville & Atlanta (K&A) Division Mainline. I am modeling a section between Morley Tn at the North end and Knoxville Tn. at the South end.  The era I have the most interest in covers the L&N RR from 1960 until the end of the Family Lines in 1982. This gives me a lot of scope for choice of motive power , rolling stock and as my layout does not follow the prototype exactly, I can still run the occasional Passenger train and Steam Locomotive. If I had to set a time for the layout it would be around 1979, when the New Family Lines loco's were starting make an appearance and some of the older units were getting a fresh coat of paint.

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