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The Rio Norte Line is based off of Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged." In this version, Colorado has become the industrial giant originally intended by the Ellis Wyatts and Dagny Taggarts and Hank Reardens. Even some Twentieth Century Motors type industries have flourished, providing VERY heavy traffic for Taggart Transcontinental and a branch of the Phoenix Durango. 

Most of the industries are taken directly from the book, with the caveat that most have moved to CO to take advantage of TTRRs new rail and schedule.

The biggest change is the yard, located in the town of Pelham, which is not from the book, but taken from an officer in the Civil War. Pehlam is to the TTRR what Cheyenne is to the Union Pacific and Argentine or Barstow is to BNSF. Pelham is the link from Cheyenne to El Paso, the main artery between the northern and southern east-west routes.

My scheme of Taggart Transcontinent is the parent railroad of Southern Pacific, which allows me to run GS4s and early diesels in the Black Widow scheme. During the course of the railroads life, most of the "prototype roads" (UP, ATSF, CO, etc) rolling stock will be transferred back to home rails and the majority will be TTRR (repainting). The locomotive numbering and types will follow SP practice as much as I feel like it. TTRR does have some Challengers and Big Boys, but mostly GS4s, MT5s, MK8s. 

The railroad is (will be) double decked mushroom, meeting at Pelham in the middle of the railroad. Downgrade from Pelham will be a double track mainline run to Quintonn, Marshville, and Hammondsville and continue to hidden staging representing Cheyenne and points East and West. Just upgrade from Pelham will also go to hidden staging representing El Paso and connections with points East and West. The rest of upgrade will be the single track branch line to Stockton and the Wyatt oil fields.

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