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   September, sometime in the not too distant past.


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Welcome to the Milford & Essex Junction (MEJ) Railroad. Here is the story of my latest model railroad project. This is my first DCC layout and my first attempt at some more modern construction techniques.

The MEJ is a railroad with track rights from Milford, New Hampshire to Essex Junction, Vermont. The MEJ leases track rights from the State of New Hampshire starting in Nashua through Milford and eventually to White River Junction.

The right of way in New Hampshire throughout history has been under utilized and is known as the Hillsborough Branch. The line past Bennington NH was in dis-repair but heroic efforts by MEJ staff and the State of New Hampshire have re-claimed the branch to White River.

In Vermont, the MEJ is taking advantage of Vermont's progressive "Open Rail" initiative which incents small regional railroads to operate on existing track in Vermont. There is a consistant flow of traffic for the MEJ interconnection with CN, CSX and Pan Am in White River.

The railroad operates on single track mainline from Essex Junction to Nashua, NH. There are passing sidings along the way with operations consiting of sheduled trains and orders.

Commodities hauled by the Milford & Essex Junction include dairy, paper, wood chips, sand, gravel, grain, lumber, plastic pellets, propane, heating oil as well as through intermodal freight.

It is September on the layout which means Fall is here. Visitors will notice up north in Essex Fall is in full swing while in Milford it's just starting. The temps are comfortable with daytime temps in the 50's and nights that are brisk.

Enjoy my adventures on the MEJ.

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