19 railroads of E. St. Louis    19 railroads of E. St. Louis
   E St. Louis, ILL


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.I model E. St. Louis in the 1950-1970 era when it was an"All American City". Some of the modeled prototype industries are Union Starch & Refinery, Granite City Steel, National City Stockyards, Sanford & Son Scrap Yard (not a prototype), Various Railroad warehouses, ConAgra Grain Elevator, American Asphalt, Phillips Petroleum, Monsanto Company and others. I run prototype trains that arrived and departed the area, that I discovered by research.

I have modeled a dozen interlocking towers, that were in the E. St. Louis area. I used photos to scratch build them. Much of my info was gathered from the TRRA Historical Society.

The layout is a two deck one, 11 ft. by 21 ft. controlled by a Digitrax DCC system.

I will have some photos soon.

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