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My HO railroad is a fictitious portion of the former Southern Pacific Lines; more specifically, the Valley Springs Sub Division running between the real Southern Pacific locations of Stockton and San Jose, California.  A short branch also serves Fremont, California.  Intermediate cities served include Hillside, Livermore, Valley Springs, and West Valley. 

The primary operations center is located at Valley Springs (an imaginary city) and its large Midway yard, a small intermodal yard, and a medium size passenger terminal serving both Amtrak and commuter operations. The railroads basic purpose is to serve as a bridge route connecting the Southern Pacific's Coastal route, at San Jose, and the SP'sValley Lines at Stockton.  The time period is roughly 1985 - 1995.

The railroad is wired for both DC and DCC operation with sound. DCC system of choice is a Digitrax Super Empire Builder (radio throttles).  I currently have 18 DCC engines wired for sound,  roughly 250 freight cars, and a dozen passenger cars.  The railroad is fully sceniced and contains 140 feet (about 2 and 1/4 scale miles) of main line plus another 300 feet or so of yards and industrial spurs.

Most of the time I enjoy running the railroad solo, although I have developed a sequential operational scheme when I choose to run in that fashion. This operational scheme includes 29 distinct train movements (both freight and passenger) and takes several hours to complete from start to finish.  It is so designed that you can stop at any one place and pickup at a later time.  Upon completion of all 29 movements, each train is in the proper location so the sequence can begin again without further intervention.

The railroad is housed in its own 24 by 24 building which is fully heated and air conditioned so operations can occur at any time.  

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