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The A.I.R.RR is a fictitious preservation Society set in the upper Midwest. It was originally purchased from the A.T.S.F. in the 30’s. It members included several well-known railroad Presidents, who wished to remain anonymous and donated the equivalent of several Million dollars (in todays money), in a philanthropic endeavor, to preserve this area.
This money allowed the board to purchase numerous “scrapped” locomotives, including a UP Challenger,  UP Northern, and Several ATSF steamers. The society also purchased numerous 1st generation diesels, which allegedly had been cut up. These include FA’s, GP7 & 9 SD 9 and numerous other models. Like the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR, A.I.R. RR has a vast collection of vintage rolling stock, again all being restored to running condition.
In the late 80’s early 90’s with the expansion of the Powder River Basin coal fields, the RR was rediscovered by the major players, allowing a short cut of several hundred miles. Millions were spent on laying concrete ties, and doubling the main line. The line is making excellent money from trackage rights. Visitor will get to see unit trains of coal, gas as well as intermodal  trains.
At present A.I.R.RR is in negotiations with National Parks Service and Scranton PRR historic site to bring “Big Boy” 4012, back into steam, at no cost to the public.(Since I posted this "history", I see that the UP is indeed interested in bringing a 4000 class back to life.)


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