Specialised Container Transport SCT    Specialised Container Transport SCT
   south Australia
   2007 2011


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

.The layout is 20 x10 feet loop to loop 3 track main lines and sidings of my own design made up of 11 modules, the frames are 1 in aluminium tube with plastic joiner  "Cubebloks"a 3 ply base with 11/2 in foam and 3 mm MDF as a rail bed making for lightweight, strong modules.Control is by Lenz a 90 set, XPA cordless phone, and Ipod Touch.                                                                    Turnouts are controlledby Tam Valley Depot "Singlets"that can be used with DC as well as DCC.The locos are by Atlas with Australian brass and plastic bodys.rolling stock by SAR Detailers a local south australian manafacture/ modeller.                                                                                                     All ground cover is by Woodlands Scenics and the grass is eletrostatic the trees are a local dried bush with foliage net.                                                                                                   The signals, street lights, and most buildings  are home made.As the layout was made for showing at exhibitions I had to make a covered trailer to transport it.!

December 2011


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