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RR Xing

 This railroad began as a purchase from a friend and has grown rapidly over the past two years.  There is really nothing much that is prototypical and while there is a lot of CP equipment, it is pretty much what I like and catches my eye.  This means there are English steam and diesel passenger trains as well as Canadian and US.  Freight is a big part as well with a fairly large TH&B presence, but mainly CP, with some interesting items such as a couple of West India Fruit and Steamship Company boxcars. 

The name and logo has been borrowed from the London Underground's famous signs, warning passengers to "mind the gap" when boarding the Underground.  It also refers to the gap in my wallet.  The "bottomless pit" might have worked as well.

The layout is multi-level (3 levels), with some hidden track and has recently expanded to include a turntable, roundhouse, repair shop and a small village, all still under construction.  There are 4 bridges on the layout as well. Were the layout to be in a straight line it would be approximately 28 feet in length.

Scenery is evolving as I go.  There is a large mountain to the right, a curve to be landscaped, a large yard, partially hidden with a mirror inside for effect and the new expansion to the left.

It is all DC, as the initial purchase included DC equipment, which works fine, even if you do get a little busy running more than one consist.  Total rolling stock and locomotives add up to 237 pieces to date. 

There are now 7 cameras around the layout, monitoring the main hidden turnouts.  6 of these have sound which adds to the realism as the sound is really quite good. I also recently added an MRC Symphony 77, ostensibly for my grandson, at least that's the excuse.

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