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.7-4-12  Just started. Table is U shaped. Plans are to put downtown Atlanta on right side of U.  Three tracks outbound, one through Decatur, two thru or near Stone Mountain.  Rock quarry near Stone Mountain will be at top of left side of U. A branch track from the near Stone Mountain line will go through hills where there will be a lumber/pulpwood industry.  A second station at left side middle will be Chamblee where main tracks lead to Washington and New York.  Immediately below Chamblee will be the Doraville Oil and Gas Tank Farm that caught fire in the early 70's.  Moving from the tank farm to the right there will be a representation of the GMAC plant that was in Doraville.  Lines will come back to right side where they will pass the old Atlanta Steel facility and if room, Georgia Tech.  As the lines approach these they will pass through the tunnel that was under Peachtree Street and had a small station-Peachtree Station.  Peachtree Street will move through a small residential area and on into Atlanta.   I am trying to workin a power station on the left side of the U where I hope to put the Chattahoochee River. I hope to be able to put a replica of the carving on Stone Mountain and these plans are subject to space and knowledge.

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