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 Lake State is a progressive short line railroad, operating about 225 miles of track in northern lower Michigan and handling in excess of 20,000 carloads annually. Lake State currently operates two subdivisions: the Huron Subdivision, which runs north from Bay City to Alpena along the Lake Huron′s eastern shore, and the Mackinac Subdivision, which runs parallel to Michigan′s I-75 corridor between Bay City and Gaylord.

       Lake State began its operations in 1992 when it acquired the railroad lines previously operated by Detroit & Mackinac Railway Company (D&M).  D&M transferred the lines to Lake State Railway Company because it had been losing significant sums operating the lines and was considering abandoning the railroad lines.

       Since its inception in 1992, Lake State has been consistently profitable by virtue of the commitment of its management, employees, customers, and through a long-term approach to investment in the property.  Lake State’s carloads have steadily increased as a result of its aggressive marketing and its commitment to its core business, customers, and communities that it serves.  

       In addition to being consistently profitable, Lake State has shown an extremely strong commitment to maintaining and improving its rail infrastructure.  Since its inception, over $23 million has been invested in infrastructure improvements.

       Lake State also has invested heavily in rolling stock, with a locomotive fleet of 22 units and over 800 leased and owned freight cars, including 495 open-top hoppers, 278 double-door boxcars, 25 all-door boxcars and 20 bulkhead flatcars.

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