Chesapeake and Ohio    Chesapeake and Ohio
   Wooster, Ohio
   late 60's early 70's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

This Free-Mo module set was started in 2011, it depicts the Wooster, OH area including Gerstenslager, Frito-Lay, and International Paper.  Three modules make up this 12'3" x 2' single track mainline, switching layout.  Code 70 ME track was used, along with their #6 turnouts; frog polarity is switched by two Hex Frog Juicer's, by Tam Valley Depot.

The prototype is served by Norfolk Southern but since I favor the C&O, it will be the railroad that serves these industries.

At this point, all track is laid and is operational (first Free-Mo meet (a.k.a. acid-test) was in Lodi, OH in early 2012).  All the buildings are scratchbuilt.  The first building is the large Gerty's shipping building at the East end of the layout; the other building, the stamping building and the scrap loader itself (the machine that loads scrap into gondolas).

Another module set, West Gilbert,WV, is used when set up in my basement and acts as staging/fiddle yard to feed the Wooster industries. 

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