Defiance and Northern Railroad    Defiance and Northern Railroad
   Modern Era - 1980 to Present


 Rolling Stock


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The Defiance and Northern is a modern day freelanced railroad interchanging with CSX and NS.  It has a two track main line with an operating 'cosmetic' signal system.  A lower staging yard provides trains for the mainline.  The D&N features a scratchbuilt underpass, scratchbuilt rail lubricator, industrial sidings, intermodal yard, the City of Defiance (under construction) and a newly installed talking defect detector.  Scenery is approximately 30% complete.

Scale:  HO     Size:  9' x 20'     Prototype:  Freelanced, CSX, NS     Local:  Northeast

Era:  Modern - 1980 to Present     Layout Style:  Walk In      Layout Height:  51" 

Mainline Run:  44 feet     Benchwork:  Open grid and 'L' Girder     Scenery:  Plaster

Cloth and Foam     Backdrop:  Hand Painted Masonite     Minimum Turnout:  #6

Minimum Radius:  24"      Maximum Grade:  2.5 Percent     Control:  Digitrax DCC

Track:  Code 100 Flex Track


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