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RR Xing

Current layout was started January 2013.

This is model is following a railroad that was one of the first railroads in south western Ontario. It was started in the early 1850's as the Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway, that would go from Fort Erie on lake Erie to Goderich on lake Huron. By 1856 it had completed 83 miles from Fort Erie to Paris, Ontario. The railroad was bankrupt by then. In the same year saw the railroad reorganized as the Buffalo & Lake Huron Railway. By 1859 the line was completed from Paris to Stratford. In 1870 the railroad was purchased by the Trunk Grand Railway. A bridge was completed across the Niagra river from Fort Eris to Buffalo in 1873, replacing a ferry service. In 1923 it became part of the Canadian National Railway.

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