Canadian pacifi, Soo Line, CSX, Union Pacific    Canadian pacifi, Soo Line, CSX, Union Pacific
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RR Xing


I started with 7 years Today i am 55 years old, but in form intense 6 years ago that I flipped towards the hobbie, since I am a professor and don't have much time to dedicate myself.-
My first train was a Rivarossi, then LIMA, was what was coming to Uruguay, and over time using ebays and friends i was shifting toward brands like BLMA; Atlas, Athearn, Bachmann, Broadway Limited and as I live in border with Brazil bought Frateschi.- The idea is to have a final layout with landscape type uses and a smaller one for my country.- Manufactured many of my models and i have a page on youtube:Sergio Ottonello or Sergiouruguay1.-
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