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.After much hemming, hawing and armchairing, not to mention some health issues, I've finally started on a layout. I've long had a desire to build a layout based in an imaginary New England locale inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. Since I want to start small I decided to do a portable switching layout. I chose a time frame of 1930's/1940's. The A&M RR would run from the port city of Innsmouth to Arkham, home of the (in)famous Arkham Asylum and the prestigious Miskatonic University. It would follow the rambling course of the Miskatonic, running through beautiful wooded hill country.

I found an old hardwood board in the cellar measuring 15"x70" and decided to build an Inglenook Sidings style layout, a track plan I've always admired. The layout would be set in Innsmouth. It would have an urban setting and Peco track and turnouts would be used. This track plan is the picture of simplicity, so would be perfect for my initial efforts at building a layout. The operations aspect would be enough to maintain interest in the switching operations.

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