Blackfoot, Montana to Whitefish, Montana
   Late Fall, 1953


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

Michael White’s GN RY Layout,  May 2011, Ferryville, Wisconsin

This circa 1953 HO, double decked, Great Northern layout represents the 100 miles of the Kalispell Division (Third Subdivision) in Montana. Starting at the East End, Blackfoot (staging) and moving West Bound via East Glacier (Glacier Park), Bison (helper service) Summit (Marias Pass), Essex (helper service),  Belton, Columbia Falls and Kalispell, Whitefish, and Vista (staging). Industries will be at Columbia Falls, Kalispell, and Whitefish. Engine servicing, industries and warehousing will be at Whitefish.   Logging, quarries, plywood plant, lumber mill, flour mill, bakery, brewery, small beef processing, oil storage, warehousing, and various small industries will be located in the subdivision. There will be 5-7 trains in an operating session (3 freight, two turns out of Columbia Falls, two passenger...eb and wb), yard master (Whitefish) and hostler, car shops and switcher service at Whitefish. Additional jobs will be EB and WB staging and dispatcher (5-8 operators). There will be approximately 412’ (6.5 miles) of mainline.  Total trackage is 1,286' 21 scale miles.
The layout will include signature GN scenes of Summit, high bridges, mountains, and water features especially east of Essex at "goat lick," millions of trees, mostly on backdrop, several snow sheds between Blackfoot and Essex, and tunnels from Essex to Belton.
Staging tracks will be west of Whitefish (at Vista/Seattle) and east of West Glacier (Glacier Park Station) (at Blackfoot/St. Paul).  Total two room area is about 920 square feet.
Staging Westbound = Blackfoot (and east to Havre, MT/St. Paul, MN)
Staging Eastbound = Vista (and west to Spokane/Seattle, WA)
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