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RR Xing

The year is 1927, the WW&F, B&H, and the S.R.&R.L. have now combined to form one railroad. Traffic is still extremely well, and the railroad is busier than ever. There are two scheduled trains, and the rest are all run as extra's. The railroad has just purchased five coal hopper cars to use for transporting coal to a new customer. Also birch pulp wood is in a high demand to be delivered to the toothpick factory in Strong, which takes an average of six pulp wood cars a day, and ships out about three or four box cars of toothpicks a day. The railroad is now hauling more oil to a few customers along the line.

The railroad is a work in progress right now, and I will be posting many photos and updates as the railroad progresses. As of right now, this is the general history of the railroad, and will be built accordingly.

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