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RR Xing

2'x20' switching layout hung from Closet Maid shelving brackets on 24"x80" hollow core door blanks with 2" Foamular overlay. Construction began June 2013.

Layout features multiple craftsman structure kits by South River Modelworks, MicroScale, Fine Scale Miniatures, and others.

Railroad choice is due to my location and prior residence in Tullahoma, TN adjacent to the CSX mainline of the Chattanooga Division, formerly L&N, NC&StL, N&C.

I would eventually like to model an area true to prototype, but the craftsman kits that I have in various fairly advanced stages of completion are too dear to me to leave off the layout. I also belong to the Dixie Model Railroad Club which is modeling the Chattanooga Division pretty faithfully, so my efforts there satisfy at least for now.

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