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Richfield Rail Runners

Richfield Rail Runners is a group of friends that just love to have fun model railroading. We get together every Wednesday evening for a few hours. Some days we " DO WORK ".

 I started a layout in 1994 but was unhappy with it because it just went around the wall in a 12x32 basement room. I tore it out right after the '99 NMRA nationl convention. We did save the mountain.

One night, Thanksgiving 2007, as I was sitting at my workbench contemplating life and how I could use the other room in the basement, I cut a hole in the wall and built another addition to the layout. When the guys came over the next Wednesday they asked what happened? I said it just Happened. So that is the name of one of the towns in the new area. Happened.

It is JANUARY 2009 and we are starting to operate the layout. We are using a couple different programs. I make all my car cards on Excel with pictures of the car on the bottom of the card and the info on top. The waybills are generated with another program on Access. The switch lists were generated with Ship It. It does sound confusing but it works for us.

I will get pictures posted soon.


Richfield Rail Runners

Richfield, Minnesota

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