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RR Xing

I can be taken seriously, but I have a hobby where I can indulge myself. Model trains are the only hobby where you need to be a cabinet maker, electrican, town planner, painter, model maker, plasterer, cork worker and engineer.

I worked in Ghana building goldmines in the early 90's and saw some awesome old steam loco's still running next to diesel electric loco's hauling around coaches bought second hand from Spain. Some old loco sheds still had steamers inside that were being cannabilized to keep others going. 

Sadly when the country grew richer from exports and gold production, the old loco's and rolling stock were cut up for scrap. One yard out in the boonies was supposely built by a an Englishman, and he used manpower to move a quadrant. This was a length of rail on a n old bridge girder, pivotted on one end and ran on a sunken set of bogies the other end in an arc. The bogies were attached to wire cables that pulled and pushed the end og the girder via a hand operated winch. This is what I've modelled my layout on.

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