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RR Xing
A 9'x10' (plus) HO scale duck under with shelf in adjoining room. Free-lanced industrial community with centralized village. Planning started early 2012 using AutoCAD and E size plots to transfer scale plan. Place names are under consideration. Some background and kit scenery completed and about 65% of track laid & operational using Digitrax Super Chief Extra with (2) duplex radio throttle units. Code 83 Shinohara flex track & turnouts with Micro Engineering code 70 sidings to 232' total track length. Single track main can be operated as triple loop, figure eight or over-lapped double ovals using (2) crossings. (8) spur areas of which (5) contain multiple tracks. (30) Tortoise switch motors, (2) Caboose throws and the (2) crossings. (2) single track triple bridges, (3) reversing sections, (3) passing lanes of which one is reversing, (5) tunnels, a run-around and a switch-back. 24" (mostly hidden under hinged access) to 36" radius curves 1.75% maximum grade using 1/2" plywood sub-base on ripped composition shelving lumber bench-work made from straw. 
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