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RR Xing

Nothing 2 add @ this time. [31/1/1009].

Working in the WILSON Yard @ BUZZARD BUTTE RR.(KOWAL Junction)  Adding 20+ Turnouts, Turntabel & Roundhouse. [26/12/2010] [Not Done]
1/9/11 -- Added 2 shts Gyproc & started Muding. Ttl. 3 1/2 shts Gyproc.
                    18/8/11 -- Sent away 4 Fast Trks Dbl. Crsovr Jig.  Will get me working in the Yard. Rec'd Jig   on 27/9/11, Quit impressed with the Jig.23/9/11 Now all I have 2 do is install 6 sheets Gyproc, Mud, & Paint & then I can start building turnouts.4/3/12 Installed 5 shts. Gyproc & Installed Elect.PVC & Gas Line Underground & Ran Wiring between garages & Hooked up Breaker Box in Train Garage. Just have 2 finish mudding. Then Can Paint.  27/03/12 Finished mudding.  Will Start 2 put primer coat on Gyproc this week.  2/04/12. All walls primered xcept around door. Waiting 4 weather 2 dryup in say 4-5 days, so can paint sky all around Rm. 4/9/12. Sky Backdrop Done. Put up last benchwork on East side of Layout Room. Started 2 lay trak in Kowal yard, & locate Turntabel & Roundhouse.  26/2/13.  Added South end Benchwork. & Made #6 Switches & Installing in Kowal Yard.  5/14.

Most of April & till now 31/5/17 - Had to pull up 12 switches & Rewire 4 open circuit past Frog. Now rewire 7 more switches & bild 5 more & wire properly this time. What a Wast of Time. 27/4/18 Last couple of months, Cut & Installed Turntabel, & Roundhouse Foundation, & Installed 6 Sidings behind Roundhouse. Temporally installed 4 L.H. Switches for sidings, Need to wire them up. Started bilding 4 more R.H. Switches. Bout a Nicholson 10" Mile File frm Hmhrdwr for $15 to do filing on new switches. File using is starting to wear out. 10/10/18 Finished main yard & 4 Trak yard behind roundhse. Layed track on main line both West & East Tracks leading from both Yards. Ready now 2 begin wiring up all those turnouts & Sidings. 
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