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RR Xing
The Richmond Branch centers on "what might have been" Conrail operations around Richmond, IN in the 1980's and 90's. My version of history has Conrail retaining the PRR trackage between Cincinnati, Richmond,and Indinapolis, as well as up to Anderson, IN to connect with the Big 4 and the branch to Elkhart. The Richmond to Dayton section of the old PRR mainline has been reduced to branchline status. It now services a stone quarry and a feed mill and is truncated at New Paris, OH. Local freight operations are based out of Glenn Yard in Richmond with locals serving the industries on the four lines radiating out of Richmond. The five largest industries include General Tire & Rubber; Richmond Baking (Kraft); Midwest Cement; Charter Steel; and Johns Manville. Various other industries include plastics manufacturers; lumber treatment; animal feed processor; bulk paper warehouse; and a scrap dealer. Through freights operate between Cincinnati and Indianpolis as well as up to Elkhart, IN; they often pick up and drop off blocks at Glenn Yard. Amtrak is well represented with two daily Chicago-Indianapolis-Cincinnati corridor trains each way along with two long distance trains; the Floridian to Miami and the Cardinal to Washington D.C. and New York. 
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