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RR Xing

the Name P&G comes from the names of both owners of the railroad at the time of its conception, . Patricia Hogan(the P)and George Frey(the G) it grew out of the love for my now departed wife(pat) and in order to honor her memory the railroad was renamed the. P&G it is still in the planing stages but will soon come into reality. in June 2014 the P&G railroad was moved to it's permanent location in El Dorado Hills. California( my Son's house)where construction of a "O" scale layout began it has been a great bonding experience for my son and I, and we hope to have the layout finished very soon. we have decided to do a whole town named for my departed wife(Hogansville)and also a rail yard, ice house, and a sawmill, pictures will be posted as available 

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