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SP&S is a bridge line connecting to the GN at Spokane WA and Vancouver WA. The modeled GN portion is a line from Seattle WA to Portland, and interchange at Spokane WA with GN freights operating between Seattle WA and Minneapolis MN. The SP&S right of way is from Vancouver WA to Spokane WA with work in Lyle and Pasco. The emphasis is on switching; the SP&S general freights work Vancouver, Lyle, Pasco, and Spokane once per session. Switchin in the yards at Vancouver and Spokane is handled by GN. Switching schedules are generated/controlled by JMRI operations. For several years the DCC system was Digitrax; however, in the last 90 days I have upgraded control to NCE. The track system is all Kato Unitrack. This has served we well as I have flexibility to change track alignment as I get different ideas (e.g., the Portland Industrial district originally was two industries - currently it is five industries, an interchange track, and a station. Changing the track plan only took about 45 minutes including turnouts.) All couplers are Kadee #158. 
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