Steele City Railroad, Steele City Leasing Company    Steele City Railroad, Steele City Leasing Company
   Southeast Nebraska


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Steele City Railroad Company was founded by Michael Beall of Steele City in April of 2010. Steele City Leasing was founded a year later to bring the SCRR out of debt. Buying old Alcos and leasing them to the Co-ops in Nebraska, the SCL was able to bring the SCRR out of debt. The Steele City Leasing Company fully bought out the Steele City Railroad in December of 2016. With the purchase Michael Beall was able to rebuild the SCRR into a more modern railroad. Buying a AC6000CW and a couple SD60s, SCRR could move more grain out of the area to Marysville KS or Hastings Nebraska. The headquarters of the SCRR and SCL, is located in Fairbury Nebraska, located in the old Rock Island depot. Only one locomotive is painted fully into SCRR paint, ALCO PA-5, #38. Use as the Executive unit for SCRR, is sometimes found pulling freight trains between Fairbury Ne to Denver CO. The owner is a huge fans of ALCOs and plans on making some more with modern equipment in the SCRR shops in Steele City, Endicott, and Lincoln Nebraska. The Union Pacific Railroad Company currently holds 46% of the SCLX/SCRR stocks with Michael and Sarah Beall holding the rest. The Steele City Leasing Company was renamed in the Steele City Holding Company for a short time after the merger. The Steele City Holding is planning on buying the Iowa Interstate Railroad in the near future. The deal is being worked out between the two companies. If SCHC is able to buy the IAIS then it would make the SCRR a class two railroad instead of a class railroad. 
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