Texas & New Orleans    Texas & New Orleans
   Ennis, Texas
   late 40's to early 50's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing
I am about to turn 54 years old, and I have built many model trains through the years, but not this one. You see my father worked for the railroad. He started in 1948 at the age of 18 in Ennis, Texas for as it was then Texas & New Orleans. Later he moved to Hearne, Texas and the railroad changed to Cotton Belt, or St. Louis Southwestern.When I was about 5 we moved to Dallas and he worked his remaining years at that yard. Now I think I am going to build a scale model of that yard. I have a lot of pictures from the early 50's, and I will get some pictures from the air.I have a 24' by 30' garage to build in. Lets see how this works. 
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