Tickford Valley Railway Co (London) Ltd    Tickford Valley Railway Co (London) Ltd
   Northern Taranaki / Western KingCountry, New Zealand


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The Tickford Valley Railway Co (London) Ltd (TVR) is a 172-mile long, privately owned public-carrier railway serving the Northern Taranaki / Western King Country region of New Zealand's North Island.

The TVR carries General Goods of all varieties in-bound as well as passengers.  Outbound it carries General Goods, Sand, Timber, Machinery, Dairy Produce, Wolfram, Coal, and Livestock, and connects with the NZ Government Railways (NZR) (and the rest of New Zealand as a result) at Pohokura Junction on the NZR's Stratford-Okahakura Main Line.

Most TVR vehicles can operate over the NZR tracks, under a reciprocal Interchange Agreement with the NZR.

The TVR's motive power is a mix of both steam (predominantly 2-6-4T's) and diesel-electric (A-1-A + A-1-A wheel arrangement).

The time period: 1960-1979.

The TVR is unique in that it is an attempt by its owner to create 'N-scale trains in New Zealand scenery'

The use of N-scale in this manner is unknown within New Zealand railway modelling (the local railways are Narrow Gauge and modelled in TTn3.5) and has resulted in my development of NZN- Freelance (New Zealand N-scale - Freelance modelling) as a concept, with 1:148 being the rulling scale.

Within the NZN- freelance concept, in addition to 1:148 (UK-N), US (1:160)  and Japanese (1:150) N-scales are used along with HO and OO to achieve the desired effect.

Rolling stock, people / animals, and track are the only purchased items, with the rolling stock being modified to conform to specific standards. Everything else has been scratchbuilt.

The TVR is currently represented by two layouts 'The Kereru Branch' a permanent fold-away layout located in its own free-standing cabinet, and 'Six-Mile Bush' a portable 'proof-of-concept' layout built to introduce the scale/concept to the general public.

An associated company 'The Kaisers Reef (Hauraki) Gold Mining Co (No Liability) operates a 5-mile long steam-powered tramway connecting the company's 'Thorndon' mine workings with its 40-stamp battery.

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