Redmus Short Line Railroad    Redmus Short Line Railroad
   Phoenix, Arizona
   70's - 80's


 Rolling Stock


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RR Xing

The Name

The name comes from an old bowling buddy of mine. In Phoenix a long time a go we had a local horror show host named 'Edmus P. Scary'. Well my friend thought the way I bowled was scary, so he started calling me Redmus P. Scary. Over time the P. Scary was dropped, so now it's just Redmus.

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The Layout

This is the thrid Redmus Short Line layout. This layout is 4' X 10' with a small L shaped uppler level.  The upper level is reached using a 4% grade at first then about a 7% grade.  This was required because of space limitations.  The upper level contains two businesses and a small yard.   Adding to some of the 'fun' is the fact the layout is home to a couple of private railroad passenger cars that get moved from their home track to the passenger station or yard.  The premise is a fictitious section of the greater Phoenix Arizona area that the Southern Pacific railroad could no longer service. The local businesses found a group of investors to form a small local railroad to service the area. The Southern Pacific railroad still has a mainline that goes through the area and they drop off and pick up rolling stock in a 3 track service yard that holds about 10 cars.


I recently changed over to DCC but still only have 1 engine but will be adding a second soon.  I do not use a car card system, layout too small I think so I either free lance my operatoins or use the consist generator.

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