Huntington to Cresson PA; Thorndale to Trenton
   Transition Period (50's to 60's)


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RR Xing

Hello. My name is Ed and I'm a Model Railroad Addict. I got my first high when I was a toddler and my grandfather actually got me hooked when he set up a Christmas train display. Then he would actually take me to the Horse Shoe Curve in Altoona where other addicts gathered. He attempted to get my father hooked when he bought an Ives set in late 1927. But my Dad wasn't pulled in by this. Of course after I was born my grandfather hooked me with an American Flyer set in 1957. I succumbed and by the time I was eight I was acquiring my own fixes with Rivarossi HO. My mother put her foot down since I had started to live in the basement from dawn to dusk and got me off ,my habit. I was clean for 20 years until I traveled overseas with my family and was again awestruck by the layouts in England and the continent. I returned to the US with crates of the good stuff and pursued my hoarding ways. I went full blown addicted when I joined eBay in 2000. Then I started an empire to feed my habit. I have developed connections all over the US for buying my stuff and now an internet high volume hobby house has opened a retail outlet within 10 miles of my home and he bragged to me today that I'm helping him build his beach house. I'm looking for that 12 step method to get this monkey off my back but none exists. Perhaps I should apply for a bailout. I think I'll only need a couple million $ to once again become a productive member of society. Please help me in my recovery. You can donate all of your disposable $ to help me build a halfway house (half model railroad therapy and half living quarters) dedicated to our mutual addiction. I never thought it would come to this. Please feel free to intervene. I need your help.

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