SLSF, MKT and Gulf Southwestern    SLSF, MKT and Gulf Southwestern
   Northeast Oklahoma
   Mid 50's to Mid 60's


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Headquartered in the thriving Northeastern Oklahoma community of Dogwood City, the Gulf Southwestern Railroad is proud to be known as the “Gateway to the Magic Empire.” The “Magic Empire” includes Northeast Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas, and Southwest Missouri.
The area is blessed by a wide variety of produce, crops and cattle; as well as an abundance of natural resources, including Natural Gas, Petroleum, Coal, Lead and Zinc. Thus the service area of the “Gulf” provides a nearly consistent level of year ‘round traffic consisting of the above mentioned commodities as well as a multitude of manufactured goods.
The Gulf is planned for an optimum of two two-man operating crews. All trains run as “Extras” and car movements are governed by car cards. Staging capacity is planned for two 8 to 10 car train sets for each of the interchange lines.
The GSW is built on a “U” shaped around-the-walls footprint, and is supported on commercial wall brackets.
The layout is approximately 19’ by 8’-6” x 14’, with the two short shelves supporting Dogwood City and the long leg representing the interchange with the Frisco/Katy Railroads. The time period is loosely mid-50’s to mid-60’s, and the Gulf features a “Spectrum” of steam and diesel power. The Frisco and Katy use 1st generation diesel power…GP-7s and EMD F units
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