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The Janesville, La Crosse, & Pacific or the JLP Lines is a Proto-Free lanced Railroad that originated when I used my initials to come up with a workable name.   My railroad is a Class 1 railroad that Competes with BNSF and UP mostly.  The JLP has track from Chicago to the West Coast. 

 As part of the proto-freelacing I have the ability to incorporate prototype stuff as I see fit.  In the story line of my railroad I have decided to incorporate the Milwaukee Road into my planning.  The JLP purchased the Milwaukee Road in 1986 instead of the Soo line.  With having this freedom I am able to run Hiawatha trains across the JLP.  I also have created a heritage fleet for the railroads that have become part of the JLP.  Curently I have a Milwaukee Road ES44AC under construction.  I am still figuring out paint schemes for the others at this time.

I got into Proto-Free lancing years ago after reading an article on the basics of the practice.  I am currently building my fourth layout, however this layout is strictly based on the JLP not a layout to run trains in circles.

The layout is designed as a two deck layout with a double helix connecting the two levels.  During the design phase I wanted a linear layout but, wanted the ability to operate in loops for my kids enjoyment.  The layout has three loops incorpoated into the linear thought process.  Parts of the loops will be hidden to create the allusion that the trains are not just going in circles.  The layout depicts the route from Chicago to Seattle.  The layout design includes several hidden staging yards located in Chicago, Janesville, Portage, and La Crosse.  I have two operating yards located in Minneapolis and Seattle.  I model modern so I also have two intermodal yards, one in Portage & the other in Seattle.  I may add a third in the Minneapolis area if there is room.  I am modeling various industries that include an integrated steel mill, a paper mill, intermodal, grain operations, and coal operations.  Other industries will be determined at a later date.  I am currently setting the layout for DCC operation. 

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