1996 (90s)


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RR Xing

the Bedford Junction is a small sub of the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad based in central illinios. the sub Averages 20 to 40 trains a day, and is single tracked. of those trains there are technically two locals that come and switch between yards all day. They are called the Little T and the Big T. they are both grain locals. the Big T stands for the Bedford illinios Grain Turn, while i still have not come up with an acranym for the Little T. the power for the little T is a custom little 25 ton switcher, while the Big T has either a BN GP9 or a BN GP38-2 for power. two locals work in stride with each other, as the big T drops off the ingoing cars for the Little T to sort and load, and the Little T assembles the outgoing Big T consist, then the Big T picks up the outgoing consist and carries it elsewhere to de unloaded, then the Big T takes the empty consist back into the Yard where the process may start all over again.  the town its based in Bedford Illinios is a small town of about 500 that is based heavily on the railroad. there are 2 small sorting yards located on the far end of town, and a long siding on the north side of town.

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