NY Terminals & Docks Railway    NY Terminals & Docks Railway
   Brooklyn, NY, US
   1950s thru the 1970s


 Rolling Stock


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The NY Terminals & Docks Railway is a Brooklyn waterfront terminal railway. It is connected to the outside world via a carfloat. The railway serves customers located along a section of the Brooklyn waterfront. The railway is a freelance design based on the many little railroad empires that ran along the Brooklyn waterfront - and 1 still runs today including the last remaining carfloat operation in the NY Harbor.

The railway also serves its own Team Tracks, Docks, Wharves and Terminal buildings. It provides lighterage service to ships in the harbor with a small fleet of tugs, covered barges and deck scows.

The era being modeled can be from the early 1950s thru the early 1970s. Both small Steam Tank Engines and small Diesel Electric Switchers will be the motive power for the road. Little 0-6-0Ts ran in Brooklyn until 1963.

The railway is being designed and constructed as a series of wall-mounted shelves. Several Modules will be connected to hold some of the larger scenes. The minimum radius will be 15" which should accommodate the rolling stock and engines that I'm going to be using. I will have to experiment to ensure that the locos and cars can make it safely around 15" curves.

The railway is still being designed. I'm starting to be really pleased with what I've got so far, but I'm working on the design of the first phase which will be two shelf units (18" x 44" and 18" x 42") and the re-use of an existing 30" x 48" Module Table from Seivers

The second phase will consist of 3 more shelf units, 18" x 42", 18" x 50", and 17" x 39" and a 24" x 48" Module Table from Seivers Doing the 2nd phase will require a lot of re-arranging in my bedroom and will most likely raise some issues - like where will I keep the guitars and amps so that they are usable, but not in the way.

I'm using RailModeler as the design tool on my Mac. It has a good selection of Railsets and seems to work well. It can export it's designs into TrainPlayer format, and I can test run the designs using that program. Being able to do that has helped in getting the design right - especially on what actually fits in sidings and run-arounds.

I'm going to be using Peco Code 75 Finescale track - it looks good, it has a good selection of turnouts and is available from many sources. Most of the track will be either in the street or in Cobblestone on Wharves and in the Team Track locations.

I'm was going to start out as a DC powered layout, but I decided to start with DCC. I've acquired a NCE PowerCab starter set. I can add another wired throttle to it easily.

Here is Version 16 of the New York Terminals & Docks (NYTD) -

NYTD - Version 16

The railroad is being built as a series of shelves. The order of building will be as follows:

Dryden's Wharf - 44 x 18

Cassette - 3 x 24 (to allow some operation)

Creek Alley - 42 x 18

Cassette - 3 x 24 (to allow more operation)

Java Street Terminal Complex - 30 x 48 (re-using an existing table)

Java Street Cassette - 4.5 x 24 (to allow some operation)

West Street - 42 x 18

India Street - 50 x 18

India Street Engine Terminal - 39 x 17 (Removable)

India Street Float Yard and Transfer Bridge - 24 x 48

I've got the lumber and foam on hand to construct Dryden's Wharf and Creek Alley and 1 Cassette. Peco Code 75 track has arrived for Dryden's Wharf. I'm now test fitting track and buildings.

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